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10 Things You Should Know About The Most Googled Model of 2014- Kate Upton!


It has been announced that this young star is officially the most Googled Model of 2014 and to some that does not come as a guess-accessories-ss-2011-kate-upton-by-yu-tsai-5surprise. The 22 year old blonde bombshell has not only covered Vogue and two consecutive swim issues of Sports Illustrated, but also stepped into the acting world.

  1. She is dating baseball star- Justin Verlander
  2. She starred alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman
  3. Upton’s first photo shoot was shot by fashion photographer Steve Burton showing Upton at a young age of 15
  4. She has already graced the cover of Vogue at a young age of 22
  5. She has a contract with Bobbi Brown
  6. Upton believes that confidence is the greatest beauty secret of all time.
  7. Her full name is Katherine Elizabeth Upon
  8. She was the subject of the 100th anniversary Vanity Fair Cover
  9. She started with modelling for Garage and Dooney & Bourke
  10. She has appeared in slapstick film The Three Stooges




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