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Fendi’s Mini Lagerfeld Doll Already Estimating $1,000,000 in Sales!


MTIxNDI3Mjk0MTQzNDgxMzU3-1Say hello to the new doodle bear. Yes, the craze on the street and in the industry spiked a high when top model, Cara Delevinge strutted the Fendi fall 2014 runway carrying this seasons hottest ‘toy’. Not only is the ‘toy’ a Karl Lagerfeld doll, but it is made with luxurious black mink, silver fox, and a sliver of goat fur. As if Lagerfeld has not done it all already, this mini Lagerfeld doll is truly fit for the rich and famous with the price tag of $1,685.


UnknownThere is currently a wait list of 600 admirers meaning over 1 million dollars in sales. Yes, it is indeed cute and most definitely will be seen captured in numerous street style shots, but would you spend that much to carry around a mini Lagerfeld?






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