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Classical Couture: Valentino Fall 2014


There was a theme throughout this season’s couture shows, and that was: looking to the past for inspiration.

Set on a runway made of tree bark in deep browns, surrounded by overgrown plants on the walls, the setting was a Valentinomystical forest from the classical antiquity.

The designer duo sent 21st century Roman togas down the runway paired with flat gladiator sandals that laced up their legs, in the most striking way.

The models walked with an ease and youthfulness that a bare face and simple middle parted hairstyle helped accomplish, an overall feeling of innocence. By having the models makeup simple and very light, the girls resemble the sculpted stone goddesses found around Rome, frozen in time and eternally elegant.

Although the collection had a simple and subtle look, there were lavish pieces as well. The romanticism and rawness of simple shaped shift dresses tied with leather as belts.

The details of the collection were what made each piece unique and truly haute couture. Whether there were hand painted daisies or embroidery on the clothing, each and every piece spoke to the audience.

The show started with simple toga style dresses made of single pieces of fabrics draped elegantly and asymmetrically across the shoulders. The printed pieces came down next, a coat of gold lame embroidered with crystals and pearls over a dress showed the collection’s appropriateness for the season. There were prints that mirrored the tiles of the Vatican floor, a true ode to the ancient city and its traditions. The intricate gold lacework found on some of the pieces or the tulle dresses that you could almost see through showed the skill and detail that went into this collection.

At first look the show may seem simple and perhaps not outlandish enough for a couture show, however as the pieces came down the runway the detail made you think otherwise. The collection as a whole was cohesive and this show was one of the most wearable and beautiful of the season.


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