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Ward Returns to the Runway Making Possibly the Best #TBT


Becoming a world renown top model for her iconic baby face look in 2004, Ward was the youngest model to break many different ‘firsts’ in the fashion world. Not only being the first 16 year old to appear on the cover of American 3e302530351bc05d07ce9aba9ba86a01Vogue, Ward was also receiving as much as $25,000 per runway show until her departure from the industry in 2008. 

It was a complete shock to the audience when Ward opened Prada’s spring 2015 8111c0e70bc1f4ce9031998b306569cfshow after 8 years of taking a break and having a baby. Will Ward be making a major comeback into high fashion? Known for her infamous campaigns for Prada to Balenciaga, Ward worked with almost every top designer. ‘It Girl’ and ‘Model of the Moment’ were some of the many titles given to this Australian born beauty.

Ward departed the industry in 2008 after the passing of her partner, Heath Ledger and soon after began to focus her time and energy into an acting career. It was sensational to see Twitter instantly  blow up with Ward related tweets during her strut down the runway in a navy knee-length coat.

Ward’s accomplishments range from movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Strangers, The Black Balloon and The Great Gatsby to many magazine covers: Time, Vogue and Teen Vogue (the list goes on).

Credited for leading the way for doll-like models such as Lily Cole, Ward ruled the fashion industry for half a decade and has now re-entered after having a baby only earlier this year!

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Miss Ward!





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