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Editor Review: Lotusactiva, Mary Zilba & the 13,000 km Road Trip Review


DSC_0202It has been a really busy few months for me. In a matter of 90 days, I travelled more than 13,000 kilometres for business – and that doesn’t include the day-to-day pacing, running for meetings, chasing my grandson or household chores. I have long been a fan of stylish active wear, but given my 5’10” size 14 sturdy (love that word) frame, it sometimes is a challenge to find great casual wear that works in my life and looks amazing. I often run into readers in the grocery store, or have to combine business with pleasure (especially to stay comfortable while travelling) – so it has to look look, fit my body frame well and allow me to feel confident wearing it. I found that in LOTUSACTIVA, and specifically recent collection collaboration with my friend, Mary Zilba. She told me to try it (actually she said “Trust me, Honey!”), and she insisted it would look as good on my body type as it does on hers. Okay, that is stretching it but I appreciate her encouragement, and truthfully, this stuff really is amazing. Created in Vancouver, Canada, LOTUSACTIVA designs active wear clothing made for women like me – a real woman with a real body.

So, I agreed to give it ago… and so, I went into the new LOTUSACTIVA location on Granville, and was immediately impressed with the layout of the store and the selection of clothing. The colours were bright and fun, but not overplayed.  The lovely retail associate was not a size double zero, but she was rocking her LOTUSACTIVA wear and instantly made me feel at ease, and I left with five essential pieces (listed below).

For three months (96 days actually), I diligently dragged my Mary Zilba/LOTUSACTIVA active wear with me everywhere. This stuff has been splashed by waves on both Canadian ocean coasts in Victoria, Vancouver and Halifax, NS, taken yoga classes in Whistler as part of a private press trip, travelled up the BC coast on an exceptional sailboat cruise, been the victim of lobster butter and sangria spills, and worked very hard for two weeks on a business trip in the concrete city of Toronto. Each piece has been washed more than a dozen times, crammed into suitcases and carry-on bags, knotted around my waist as I Segway’d along the Halifax waterfront, held fruit and water bottles in the pockets when I ran out of hands at the Kensington Market, played trucks and camping, on my knees, happily with my 2 1/2 year old grandson more times than I can remember, and experienced several lovely leisurely walks with my husband on Willows Beach. It has endured sun exposure, water dampness (forgot the hoodie in my beach bag one day), detergents, deodorant, perfume, makeup, hairspray, sunscreen, and the sticky stuff that seems to be forever on a toddler’s fingers.

This is what I have and what I like about each LOTUSACTIVA piece (photo gallery below):

Adara Leggings in black (size 10) – So comfortable, fits naturally below the natural waist and thrilling for me – no muffin top! My torso is long and these fit me perfectly.

Prana Hoodie in black (size 10) – With a permanent place on my front door coat rack, this is my new go-to hoodie for everything casual. Not one bit of fading, even after close to twenty washes.

Kaita Long Sleeved Tee in coral (size 8) – I find a long sleeved tee to be so flattering and practical. I wore this under a navy/white striped boyfriend jacket to a meeting and the coral colour popped. Fit is generous but not oversized so it is flattering on the frame. I want one in every colour!

Kusamita Hoodie Top in grey (size 10) – Is there anything cuter than a short sleeved hoodie? The sleeves have a slight puff, giving them a feminine edge, and this is a great summer option to throw over a onezee on the way to yoga class.

…and a bag of 4 LOTUSACTIVA headbands – I kept one (and use it daily before I apply my makeup) and want to share the rest with you… so keep reading!


I use my headband twice daily in the bathroom – in the morning to clean my face and apply makeup and in the evening to remove the day’s grime from my face. It is comfortably wide so it really keeps the hair back from my face, but it is made of a smooth, silky material that (like a silk pillowcase) doesn’t mess up my hair when I remove it!


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