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A Marriage Bridging Lifestyle and Fashion, Kate Spade X Keds!


Lively prints and feminine touches are iconic for Kate Spade. Keds has collaborated with many designers and celebrities over the years, kate-spade-keds-leopard-print-canvas-pointer-sneaker-emperor-bluebut this has to be our favourite. It might be because of the bright and alluring graphics on the classic Keds Champion and Rally styles or the comfort aspect. Our favourite pair for this upcoming Fall season is the Cyber Cheetah in emperor blue.  0bbb4ac65abba52b993755b3fa1faaa7


Just as fun as the title itself, these sneakers will have you noticed. Adding colour to your fall outfit won’t be hard with this fun collaboration with pricing far from Chanel or Valentino’s sneakers. Featuring a rubber jute sole, these sneakers don’t just focus on the style aspects, but the comfort as well. Keds has mastered the comfort shoe since 1916 and lets admit it they are no longer known as the plain jane of sneakers. Adding a style flare, Kate Spade brings a unique twist to the classic sneakers which is effortlessly adorable.


With a small Kate Spade logo and the classic green soles, Kate Spade and Keds show us once again how their shoes can bring laid-back comfort enhanced with stylish fashion forward twists. These sneakers are limited edition, so whether you are packing up for a spontaneous weekend getaway or out for adventures in the city make sure you pack these great go-to sneakers!






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