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Micro Seasons: What to Wear


This weather — not summer anymore but certainly not fall yet either… What to wear on these cool evenings?

Long have the days of 9 o’clock sunsets and warm nights, gone.  None of us are ready for it but it’s something we just have to accept and get excited for a new season to dress for, I know I am! Micro Season

This season in between our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons is a micro season that should be equally enjoyed and dressed for.  It’s a combination of our favourite pieces of Winter and Summer, the warm and cozy winter coats we can’t wait to wear and the summer dresses we just aren’t ready to let go of.

So what’s a girl to do?

The runway show that truly mastered this in between season was Burberry’s Fall 2014 show.  Christopher Bailey, creative director of the British brand realized the warmer winters of London, that comprise more of rain than snow, needed a different way of dressing and for us on the West Coast this collection could not be more perfect.  Bailey layered knee length, loose dresses with sweaters, shearling jackets and long flowing scarves.  The scarves were tucked into the waist belts, accentuating the figures of the models.

Pieces to look for are: warm cardigans easily layered over flimsy summer dresses and easily worn under a jacket for those cool nights.  Put those sandals and beautifully pedicured toes away and reach for a pair of ankle booties for now, later replacing these with tall boots for winter.  For accessories, scarves are the best for this transitional season, worn open like at the Burberry Fall 2014 show or wrapped around your neck if you’re cold blooded.

Finally if you’re lucky enough, top this whole look off with one of Burberry’s custom made blanket coats, seen on Cara Delevingne at the end of the show.  If this isn’t accesible for you, a variation of the blanket coat could be a poncho and if worn right can look very chic as a layer into the colder months.


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