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Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary Z Cavaricci Launches ‘Anniversary Edition’


Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the iconic fashion statement pant of the 80’s and early 90’s, the Z Cavaricci Cateye, returns with a limited edition collection of women’s styles launching this month.

The Z Cavaricci Cateye signature silhouette has resurfaced once again recently on the runways of LondonMilan and Paris, creating a renewed demand for the style, inspiring its original creators to bring it back once again.

The Anniversary Edition debuts with 500 pieces, and is offered in premium fine line twill and 6 oz. Japanese denim, in a color palette of: white / orange / olive / black / light vintage denim and dark vintage denim. Made in the U.S.A.

The Italian-inspired lifestyle brand originally launched in 1982 in Los Angeles, with the Cateye debuting 1987. The high-waisted, pleated and tapered bottom pant had a unique silhouette that offered something new and exciting, pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Within just a few months of its launch, the Z Cavaricci Cateye had gained an extraordinary following. Spearheading the look were the  NY/ LA hipsters, and the underground club crowd who were the first to adopt the style, starting a trend which resonated across the U.S. – the Z Cavaricci pant became the most sought-after pant of the decade. Pop stars followed suit, coveting the look in music videos and magazine shoots, resulting in it becoming one of the hottest trends of its era.


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