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enda b’s 30… avenir, an evening of fashion celebration


Located in the heart of Point Grey, enda bis one of Vancouver’s leading retailers in international designer fashion. On the evening of Oct. 2nd, they showcased through celebration, just how they could collaborate everything they are, everything they believe in and everything they love. Their store, their family and their clients, seemed to be truly what the evening was there for.

Among marvellous music filling the store, it was a sincere delight running into the evenings host, Breakfast Televisions own phenomenal female, Dawn Chubai. Dawns charming self introduced the event to the evenings other talent, which included; Susie Wall and Rae Kung/uske Stylists for the striking women of J. Li Models. The women of J. Li adorned exceptional FALL apparel, which was put together for daytimes, evenings or even versatile general life. Brands showcased to the crowd included; DKNY, Pure DKNY, Pennyblack, J Brand, Vince, Luisa Cerano, Eileen Fisher, MYKA and Brax. These are just some of the fabulous finds you will come across at either of the enda b, locations. And TRUST ME when I say it was a test of will power, to not throw down the ol’ visa and head home with all of what was shown. {fall fashion finds…at its best}

Amidst the astonishing designer apparel – was a room filled with love, laughter and joy. Every single person (which I couldn’t even catch count of, as they didn’t stop arriving) here clearly knew the brand, the company and the family behind the beginning of it all.

Yvonne and Lance, owners of enda b, have been able to accurately stand the test of time. Recently expanding into Edmonton with a new DKNY location, enda b‘s loyalty to the industry and their clients are being reflected accordingly.

I would love to send my utmost appreciation for the invitation to this lavish affair.

I look forward to toasting at the next milestone!


Sara Rose

Fashion Editor


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