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The Over All Way To Wear Overalls


Overalls and fashion aren’t too words that usually get put together in the same sentence. However, this season has managed to prove that wrong. As always the sphere of fashion continues to grow and push its boundaries and this can be seen with its newest trend: overalls.

Also known as dungarees, these denim alternatives are the newest type84106b2c992802838fb05851cd29b991e3e148dd_600 of denim that fashionistas everywhere are lusting after. Once a piece of clothing for farmers or factory workers, they are now a fashion trend that many are after.

Of course, like many other non-believers of overalls, I was skeptical at first. However, if they are worn correctly, they are perfect for many occasions.  The fit is the most important factor to a pair of dungarees. Unless you are going for the boyfriend style, make sure that they are somewhat fitted or else you will lose your shape and this can be a very unflattering look.

There are many options to choose from as the style has taken off. The way you may have worn them as a kid has changed significantly. Now there is an array of styles you can choose from. Different colours of denim change the look significantly. For the bold, coloured denim for the summer months is a perfect change to your classic jean. Perhaps you’re not one for coloured denim though.  Then look to the traditional blue or black jean overalls that are just as trendy and can be worn over many more choices.

Whether you pair your dungarees with patterned or plain tops, you will be ready for the streets of Victoria and Vancouver. You can achieve different looks depending on what you layer with. Whether it is a dark, cropped pair of overalls with heels for night, or a crop top and a pair of short overalls, for a music festival. Anyway you wear them, you will look on trend!

Keep your eyes open for the many styles, from your favourite shops. In Victoria check out the GUESS store in the Bay Centre and the Aritzia store in Mayfair Shopping Centre. As for Vancouver, make sure you head to Topshop in Hudson’s Bay or head to one of the many Aritzia’s for your next purchase.



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