There are people out there who consider the spa a guilty pleasure, but as far as I’m concerned the spa is unequivocally every woman’s birth right. Yes, a rendezvous at the spa is pure, seductive luxury, but there’s no shame in blatant appreciation of the body-mind-spirit. Think of the spa as nourishment for your inner art form.

Feel good about receiving. You’re as important as anyone else who treats their self to the spa.

If you’ve never been spoiled at the spa, go. Seriously. Most women get it, but men always seem surprised yet delighted by the therapeutic benefits of manicures and pedicures. Guess what ladies, men like to be pampered too. Facials, massages, body wraps—yep, the works! Chicks with dicks, I call them; princess with a capital P.

I’d have to say that my most favourite part of the spa is all of it. In fact, the best thing a man can do for our relationship is send me to the spa on my birthday. Although, I suppose glamorous, glimmering jewellery works, too. Actually, I’m a princess; I want both. It’s been proven that precious gems and metals offer healing and enhancing qualities to the human experience, and being pampered like a princess at the spa? Try it. You might feel worthy. Healed, enhanced and worthy? That sounds like wellness plan to me.

In Europe, health insurance providers cover partial costs for up to 21 health resort or spa days per calendar year as ordered by a doctor. Include yoga and other healing arts, and there’s no reason for us to neglect our health and well-being. Now imagine if healthcare covered yoga and spa days… Wouldn’t it be nice?

When honouring the divine art form within, start out the day with a rejuvenating steam bath followed by a relaxing splash in a gently heated mineral pool. Afterwards, bask in the insatiable pleasure of a hot rock massage, and be sure to schedule a body wrap and facial as these treatments are like whipping cream for the skin. Wrap up your spa-day-vouz with a manicure and pedicure, and then prop up your freshly bedazzled feet with a glass of champagne in celebration of your seriously fabulous self. This is but one spassibility.

The term “spa” comes from the Belgian resort city Spa, which has been famed for its mineral springs since Roman times, although belief in the curative powers of mineral waters dates back to the dawn of civilization.

Ancient tradition suggests that bathing in the intelligence of water (thalassotherapy or sea healing) results in physical and spiritual purification. Traditional spa treatments cleanse the chakras, detox the body and strengthen the immune system.

Le Sirenuse Positano in Italy is an Aveda concept spa that features a gym, saunas and treatment room built upon the ancient ayurvedic philosophy of treating the tridosha complex to achieve harmony from within. Ayurveda is one of three sciences of yoga.

Other world class spas include the Banyan Tree Spa in Cherngtalay, Thailand, renowned for its intimate partner massages, yoga and meditation classes, as well as Vancouver Island’s own Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, BC, where the Ancient Cedars Spa is rated number one in the Pacific Northwest.

By: Jill Lang NICHE Magazine Inspiration Issue 2013


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