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Michael Kors Wants You To DIY His Runway Look


MK Beauty 1Leave it to Michael Kors to bring the best out of your skin even in the midst of jet-setting (or the cold weather) with slightly flushed cheeks and painterly lips – a makeup look that is effortlessly achievable at the comfort of your own home. Go ahead and do it yourself! One thing to remember is that beauty can be found in imperfection. Models’s hair were gathered together loosely in a very low ponytail with haste and skin only blended with a sheer veil of foundation. To warm up the skin, a combination of red and brown pigments were dabbed along the cheeks and just lightly swiped across the bridge of the nose. To give pouts the “just bitten” effect, lips were gently pressed with Michael Kors Lip Lacquer in Diva and in Dame (michaelkors.com, $24).


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