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Three Words Define Summer 2014 Eyewear: Big. Bold. Colourful.


SUE-2by Sue Randhawa

Summer is here and the endless invitations to pool parties, patio, and rooftop parties, and of course that requires wardrobe preparation and planning! What does eyeglass fashion have to do with this, you might ask? Everything! Eyewear is one of the hottest accessories of the moment, people look at your face first and that’s where the inspiration for this article comes from.

What we saw on the Spring/Summer 2014 runways translates into what we are seeing in the world of eyewear, and clearly, more than one trend is emerging. This makes it easy and difficult because there is so much to choose from. The shift to more colour started to happen about 2 years ago but wasn’t fully embraced until earlier this year. The size of eyewear has slowly been getting larger each season and the shape of the frames is more definite.

SUE-3More colour means more fun

We’re seeing every colour combination imaginable. The key to making this work is having the guidance of a good optician. Knowing the colour of your skin tone is where I generally start. The blues, greens and purple tones work well for people who have a cooler undertone. The reds, browns and oranges look better on people who have a warmer undertone. The really nice part is that one doesn’t have to go for full on colour, depending on your personal style and taste, colour can be used as an accent. In the summer months, when you want to wear less makeup, having colour in your eyewear works really well!

BIGGER can be better

SUE-4The increase in the size of eyewear started to happen about 2 years ago in Europe, and is finally being embraced here as well. When choosing the size, keep certain things in mind. Your Rx is first and foremost. With the guidance of an experienced optician, you will know very quickly as to how large you should go. The oversized geek chic is a look that is very popular right now. The darker, brighter colours are huge for the young and old.

SUE-1High definition is the focus

The more definite shapes came along at about the same time as the larger frame sizes and more colour. What we are seeing now are none of the wishy washy shapes of a few years ago. The hexagons, the rounds, the squares and the cat-eyes are huge right now. Which shape to get depends largely on the shape of your own face. It’s a great time to choose eyewear right now because there is so much selection in terms of colour, shape and size.

Choosing eyewear can be a very daunting experience, especially when you have limited vision. It can be looked at as the beginning of change, step one in a series of steps that lead the way to a whole new you. With the right help you can walk away feeling reinvented and reinvigorated! How cool is that?



sueSUE RANDHAWA is a licensed optician and owner of The Optical Boutique. She loves to generate a buzz by incorporating fashion into everything she does. Since 1979, The Optical Boutique has been Vancouver’s premier optical destination for luxury eyewear. Located in the heart of Kerrisdale, The Optical Boutique has brought high-end eyewear to the forefront and introduced Vancouver to independently designed brands like Lafont, Anne et Valentin, Theo, l. a. Eyeworks and Thierry Lasry. Online at www.theopticalboutique.com  and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theopticalboutique



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