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NICHE goes to press preview of TOTEM #CirqueDuSoleil


After four years of touring,CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – TOTEM is made its debut in VANCOUVER MAY 15.  A few weeks ago, and with much enthusiasm, I had the honour of attending the exclusive media preview at Orpheum Annex.

The TOTEM cast is compiled of 45 performing artists, who fulfill Cirque’s story of the human evolution. Through this story, they’re not only physically displaying but also spiritually creating, a highlight of the aboriginal culture and growth of humankind.

Watching the artists perform yesterday was a form of entrancing magic. The two acts positively confirmed my presence during their residency in Vancouver. Eric Hernandez, showcased storytelling through the fluid movement of the traditional hoop dancing. While Gael and Alevtyna gave of us a taste of what trust truly means, in their secondary act of hand-to-hand.

With much gratitude and admiration to the whole TOTEM family, THANK YOU.

Look forward to seeing the show in full which is performing live May 15 to July 6 2014 at Vancouver’s Concord Pacific Place. Full details and ticket info on the Cirque du Soleil’s website.

Special thanks to photographer Jamie Mann for coming along and taking these amazing photographs!


Sara Rose

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