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Wineshare Launches at Vancouver Urban Winery

Wineshare Vancouver

Local Sommelier Leads Group Winemaking Project For Wine Enthusiasts

May 6, 2013; Vancouver, B.C. – Wineshare is Vancouver’s first custom winemaking project that gives wine lovers an opportunity to be involved in the planning, harvest, production and branding of their own wine. Partnering with Vancouver Urban Winery, a 7,700 square foot facility in the city’s Railtown neighbourhood, Wineshare has developed a hands-on, personal winemaking experience for amateur vintners. Wineshare uses premium quality fruit from the region and is led by professional winemakers, right in the heart of Vancouver.

Wineshare enthusiasts“Most wine lovers and enthusiasts have dreamed of making their own wine at one time or another and I’m no exception,” says founder and Four Seasons Vancouver sommelier, Emily Walker. “I wanted to learn about winemaking by working in the vineyards and with winemakers to understand the decisions that go into making wine. It’s as much about the process and philosophy as it is about the final bottle of wine.”

Thanks to geography, experience and great relationships, Wineshare has the advantage of drawing on world-class fruit from neighbouring regions such as the Okanagan Valley, Washington and Oregon. Visit the vineyard, get your hands dirty at harvest, crush your grapes and fill your barrels. Wineshare encourages winemakers to get as involved as they want.

Wineshare is launching with a single project in 2013 and looking for up to twelve people to participate in producing a pinot noir from the Okanagan Valley under the guidance of Howling Bluff owner and winemaker Luke Smith.

Walker plans to triple the number of projects in 2014, working on different varietals from different regions, with different winemakers.

For full details visit wineshare.ca

Media Contact:
Emily Walker
E: emily.walker@wineshare.ca
T: 604.764.6061

About Vancouver Urban Winery

Vancouver Urban Winery is located two blocks off Gastown in the historic heart of Vancouver’s Railtown. The 7,700 square foot urban winery is the first of its kind in Vancouver and also operates as a unique special events space. The winery samples, sells, manufactures, packages, imports and distributes wine for multiple brands. As an urban winery the business is not attached to a specific vineyard. This enables the winery to source wine grapes and finished product from any appellation in the world. FreshTAP, Canada’s first custom wine kegging operation to service the growing Wine-On-Tap category also operates from the urban winery.

For additional information please visit www.vancouverurbanwinery.com

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