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BEAUTY reMARKS – Winter Blues

Winter beauty

Personally, I have been trying for years to find those BEST for ME type products to add my style – but where to find them? Of course, it is an ongoing journey and one that we can take together.

I have come to find that working on your canvas is the best way Winter beautyto start working on perfecting your you. You know what I mean… it’s like one of those days when you feel fabulous; walking out of the house with a bounce in your step and your head held high – thinking to yourself – “Yeah, I feel good today.” Well, let’s get ready to have that kind of day – every day!

Bubble & Squeak

Exfoliating and facial masks should already be part of your regular beauty routine but I know some people have plenty excuses as to why they aren’t. If you are a member of the excuse crew, it’s never too late to change, so how about we start now? Exfoliating removes dead skin and dirt that builds on the top layer of your skin (epidermis) and promotes the regeneration of healthier, clean, glowing, skin (think polished!).

Get to know your CANVAS!

Your canvas is your skin; the foundational surface that becomes step one in looking and feeling your best. Skin is the body’s protective layer; think of it as your beauty armour that should be kept polished and shiny. With winter weather here, your skin is probably not receiving the moisture it needs. Perhaps your skin is dull and has lost its luminous summer glow? No need to panic! There are many regular exfoliators, masks and moisturizers to help you perfect your beauty canvas and let your inner Beyoncé out.

Put the VOOM back in your va va 

How often you should exfoliate depends on your skin type; dry, oily or combination, so let’s say we cover all the bases?

a Dry skin Use a delicate exfoliator once or twice a week to bring the voom back to your va va!

b Oily skin Don’t roll your eyes or be irritated with it! Oily skin is proven to age with grace. Use an exfoliant two to three times a week to get your glow on and keep it going.

C Combination skin Finding the right exfoliator for your easy going skin type should be easy. Of course, be sure and try any product on your inner elbow, with this region of sensitive skin it can give you a good indication whether or not to go ahead with approaching your face.

Believe it or not, BC’s winter weather lacks the humidity we need to keep our summer skin aglow and exfoliating can be a big skin booster – to aid in creating your you.

Moisturizers, similar to exfoliators, need to be chosen based on your skin type and sensitivity. The good ole’ trial and error was my best friend to discovering my favourite product that now has my canvas staying in its happy place.

Note to [your]self: Moisturizing is even more important to me than exfoliating, so make sure you keep it on your ‘must-have-at-all-times’ list. From hairline to décolletage

(neck and chest), moisturizer should be softly applied twice daily. Applications should occur once in the morning after a fresh cleanse, and once in the evening after the dirt of your busy day

has been washed away.


Now that we covered the essentials to keeping your summer glow through the winter blues, let’s talk makeup! Makeup is much like diamonds; both are a girl’s best friend. From basic to bold, makeup can change your outlook on the day and your image completely. Since your canvas is now glowing from exfoliating and moisturizing, begin building your makeup with some basic products: tinted moisturizer, foundation and highlighter (white or light foundation works for me), bronzer and either a liquid or powdered finishing product with an iridescent glow.

Depending on the day or application, start by applying with your chosen tinted moisturizer or foundation, followed by a light application of white or light foundation under the eye, along the bridge of the nose, as well as a smidge next to your nostrils and on the brow bone. Blend the lightness out with the applied base product and work from there. Your bronzer will be used to Tarteintensify the cheek bones, alongside the nose and forehead creating an E shape along each side of your face. The iridescent finishing product can now be placed strategically to become the pièce de résistance of your now perfected canvas, adding a small dusting below your temples and brow bone.

Practice makes perfect; each day your application may change. Remember to use discretion when applying products and as long as you’re feeling fabulous, then you’ve perfected it.

Don’t let winter weather bring you (and your skin) down. Create your best you, your year-round you; shining brightly with a fresh canvas that everyone will envy.

By Sara Rose – NICHE Magazine Winter 2013


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