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Beauty on the Haute Couture Spring 2014 Runways in Paris

Angelic at Schiaparelli

January 19th marks the first day of Spring… for an haute couture show in Paris. It is when designers such as Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Versace and other fashion powerhouses gather for a spring solstice à la mode. The sound of camera shutters clicked as fashionistas around the world made the streets of Paris their catwalk, while a sea of colour waited within.

High fashion calls for the perfect look and the makeup artistry on the shows delivered nothing but pure glamour. The beauty looks ranged from ready-to-wear to futuristic extravagance. At Chanel, makeup artist Peter Philips created two bold eye liner looks. He put a bold winged black liner on the upper lids and a sparkly glitter sequins on the bottom and went well with the youthful feel of the clothes.

Models were turned into living dolls at Maison Anoufa leaving only the colour in the center of the lips and made their eyes pop by putting white liner on the lower waterline of the eyes and finishing the look with a hint pink blush on the cheeks.

Design house Schiaparelli which is now led by designer Marco Zanini made a huge comeback by creating different looks for his whimsical collection.

At Alexis Mabille, makeup was minimal because there was no absence of extravagance in his work. Models were covered in white cutout butterflies that cascaded down from top towards their backs. To complement the fairy-like ensemble, white eyeshadow was brushed in the inner corner of the eyes and lips were swiped with gloss.

At Versace, the makeup is a vision of an Egyptian goddess. Lids were swirled with blended bronzer and rose gold. The inner corner of the eyes were dabbed with gold and metallic blue eye pencil to finish the look.


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