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Vegan skincare? Feed your skin with healthy B.C. products!


FEED your skin with 100% natural and vegan skincare

These days it seems to be difficult to find the right skin care line best suited to you. Many companies cater to specific markets looking for either a daily wear or anti-aging serums. Whistler Naturals Professional Spa Skin Care line caters to both. Not only are all their products vegan and eco-friendly, but also have bright fun packaging that seem to pop out when displayed next to other bottles. One thing that interested me most about the company…it is 100% natural and you can actually read and understand the ingredients that will be absorbed into your skin.

Not only does Whistler Naturals support sustainable, fair-trade agricultural practices, but also package all products within Canada and the United States supporting the “local” movement.

Within this vegan friendly company, they offer cleansers, toners, replenishes, protectors and repair and renewal creams.

Three products you SHOULD try:

1.Sugar Apple Renewal Masque

Using real organic apple sauce, the renewal masque combines botanicals and extracts that create a tingling and tightening effect on the skin. After one week of using this masque I found my skin replenished and revitalized with a natural glow. This masque works perfect after cleansing.

$29.98 whistlernaturals.com

2. Green Apple Stem Cell Illuminating Serum

A dynamic serum to reveal brighter, fresher and youthful skin. After one week of use it was evident that this product did indeed illuminate and even the skin tone while minimizing pores. The serum is oil free and extremely light, making it feel as if your skin is radiating and continuously clearing itself of all impurities. This product works well for anyone with acne prone skin or one looking for a moisturizer before applying foundation.

$29.98 whistlernaturals.com

3. Hibiscus Miracle Eye Lift & Wrinkle Treatment

This lightweight serum targets wrinkles that are associated with chronological aging in and around the eye area. After one week of usage, skin felt firmer and increased in elastic appearance. With continued use skin becomes more youthful and even toned with dramatic results usually showing in 3 weeks. This product is perfect for anyone in search of a friendly and gentle anti-aging treatment that will leave skin glowing.

$29.98 whistlernatuals.com




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