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Callum Shandley

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1. What or who inspired you to model?
My passion for art and fashion helps to keep me inspired to model, after all, photography and modelling is just another form of art, where fashion is mainly showcased.

2. If you had the chance to meet your favourite supermodel, who would that be?
If I had a chance to meet any supermodel it would be Mark Vanderloo, as he has been very successful and has got to work for designers such as Calvin Klein, Valentino, and has been featured on Vogue numerous times.

3. Do you remember your first gig, if so what was it?
One of my very first gig’s was for a local magazine, it was really fun to be exposed to the modelling atmosphere, and then to be in print was a cool experience.

4. As a model do you prefer editorial work or runway?
I really like to do runway as I am used to being on stage as I have a background in performing and acting. It is a thrill to have all eyes in the room on you, and getting to walk in amazing pieces of clothing.

5. If you could pick one designer to model for, who would it be and why?(runway or editorial)
If I could pick one designer to model for, it would be Gucci. Gucci is my personal favorite clothing line and to be able to model for them would be a dream come true.

6. What is your favourite part of Vancouver Fashion Week? If you haven’t taken part before, what are you looking forward to most?
This will be my very first time to walk in Vancouver fashion week and I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting and huge event in Vancouver, and being able to walk for some very talented designers.