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Marcell Lirette

Marcel Lirette

1. What or who inspired you to model?
Just seeing how awesome of the photos are that have been taken all over the world.

2. If you had the chance to meet your favourite supermodel, who would that be?
I would like to meet Cole Mohr or Marcel Castenmiller.

3. Do you remember your first gig, if so what was it?
Just a basic photo shoot for building my portfolio!

4. As a model do you prefer editorial work or runway?
I think runway is awesome in the moment, but photo’s are something you get to keep.

5. If you could pick one designer to model for, who would it be and why?(runway or editorial)
Runway or editorial for Burberry or maybe some crazy runway with Yves Saint Laurent.

6.What is your favourite part of Vancouver Fashion Week? If you haven’t taken part before, what are you looking forward to most?
I have not walked before for VFW. I’m stoked to see some of the clothing and just be apart of it.