The newest print issue of Love Inc., the leading equality-minded® wedding publication, hits newsstands on November 7th and brings together six high-profile drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race on the cover. In the face of current anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and the pressing need for visibility and support, the queens don gorgeous wedding dresses as a symbolic gesture of unity and the community’s resilience. The featured drag queens — Aura Mayari, Jan Sport, Honey Davenport, Ariel Versace & Chasity St. Cartier, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Jax — are photographed by Raul Tovar in couture wedding gowns with their signature drag glam at the magnificent United Palace in Manhattan, NY.

In the cover story, Love Inc. sits down with the queens — some on the cusp of getting engaged, others having been with their partners for decades —to discuss their love stories and how they’ve been using their individual and collective platforms to take a stand for the community. The queens dive into their unique relationship journeys, share personal anecdotes about their partners, and talk about how they balance their love lives with unconventional careers.

  • Aura Mayari: “Drag was not a dream, but it found me. What I’m doing now is doing my best and sharing my talent to a lot of people out there who are struggling, whether you’re straight, gay or whatever. I am able to touch some hearts, and that’s what’s most important to me.”
  • Ariel Versace: “No matter what we do, there’s always going to be a fight. You must put your best foot forward and approach everything with kindness and power. Whatever power you can use, you have to utilize it to make your voice heard. In the words of J.Lo, LET’S GET LOUD.”
  • Jax: “It’s sadly very violent. It’s sadly very scary. But if we have seen how things have gone in the past, we know that we’re going to come up above this and we’re going to hit back even stronger than they ever thought we could.”
  • Honey Davenport: “I truly believe that it’s darkest before the dawn. For a while, we were blinded by a small piece of equality, and it granted us some comfort. But now that we’re losing, we’re starting to fight again. I think that a lot of conversation is being had right now, and that is where change happens. I’m using my platform to spread the message by talking about it. Conversation is the precipice for change.”
  • Mrs. Kasha Davis: “We are living in a world of change at the moment with regard to the anti-drag, anti-LGBTQ, the queer community, our trans brothers and sisters. And what we need to realize is that the fact is we are making progress. We are getting attention. We are seeing that the world is seeing all of us and some feathers are ruffled. Well, guess what? We’ve got a lot of ruffles, we’ve got a lot of feathers, and we’re going to keep on shaking them and showing the world that we truly are one! Say Mrs. Kasha Davis.
  • Jan Sport: “I do feel the tide shifting a little bit. In terms of trying to diminish the LGBTQ+ vibrancy that we obviously have very much in our own lives, honey, look at how fabulous we are. We are not going anywhere.”

“Our second print issue of Love Inc. celebrates boundless love, self-expression and inclusivity.” said Founder and Editor in Chief Brittny Drye. “Now, more than ever, we want to amplify the voices and stories of LGBTQ+ individuals to showcase the community’s resilience, strength and unyielding love. These heartfelt love stories remind us of the universal nature of love and the undeniable power it holds in breaking down barriers, fostering acceptance, and celebrating the beauty of diverse relationships.”


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