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Canadian Brand Challenges Men with New Year’s Skincare Challenge


Canadian men’s skincare brand CW Beggs and Sons is vowing to keep all the gentlemen in your life looking fresh-faced for the new year.

The CDA-recognized leader in Canadian-made men’s skincare is challenging men to complement new year’s gym routines and diet regimens with purifying 3-in-1 skincare sets for all skin types. From revitalizing Energy+ Moisturizer, to protective Sensitive Skin Face Wash, CW Beggs and Sons simplifies the hassle of creating a regimen yourself by putting your new routine all in one beautifully packaged, easy-to-use skincare set.

With each set, you can expect simple three-step routines, geared directly towards your specific skincare needs. Whether it be a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, or shave foam, CW Beggs and Sons has curated its skincare sets according to skin type to make it as easy as possible for men to commit to a new year of perfect skin.

Energy+ Gift Set x LeBicar

Suitable for all skin types and guaranteed to keep you looking fresh. The three-step Energy+ routine revitalizes skin for a toned, energized and awakened appearance.


  • Energy+ Moisturizer (75 mL)
  • Face Scrub (50 mL)
  • Energy+ Face Wash (150 mL)

Oil Control Gift Set x LeBicar

The changing weather can be stressful on our skin – don’t let your skin show it. Suitable for combination and oily skin, this three-step routine reduces impurities and excess oil for skin at its best.


  • Oil Control+ Moisturizer (75 mL)
  • Oil Control+ Face Scrub (50 mL)
  • Oil Control+ Face Wash (150 mL)

Sensitive Skin Gift Set x LeBicar

Sensitive skin needs extra care. This routine protects the skin from external aggressions and decreases the appearance of redness, irritation and dryness of everyday life caused by shaving.


  • Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (75 mL)
  • Sensitive Skin Face Wash (150 mL)
  • Sensitive Skin Shave Foam (50 mL)

Energizing Eye Gel Routine Gift Set x LeBicar

Discover the Energizing Eye Gel with this discovery routine suitable for all skin types. This three-step routine will awaken your eyes and your face.


  • Energizing Eye Gel (Full size)
  • Energy+ Moisturizer 30 ml (Travel size)
  • Face Scrub 50 ml (Travel size)
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