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Who doesn’t want to dress in their Sunday Best? Aritzia’s new line: Sunday Best


With the debut of their new line, Sunday Best, shopping at Aritzia has become much easier. Recently out in Aritzia Sunday Beststores across Canada, as well as online, Sunday Best’s pieces encompass some of Aritzia’s typical styles. Sunday Best’s first collection came out this Spring, and their designers could not have been more on trend.

Sunday Best’s collection is a mix of new trends, with vintage inspired styles. The pieces are feminine and flirty, easy to wear and perfect for the Victoria woman waiting to pick them up. The pieces are at a lower price point than some lines at Aritzia, making shopping this new line even more accessible.

Some of the pieces that stand out for Sunday Best are the graphic sweatshirts as well as the blouses. The graphic sweatshirts are a change from the graphic tees we have seen for many seasons now and are a fun alternative for pairings with trousers or skirts. The blouses are beautifully crafted, and although slightly sheer, could be worn on many different occasions.

Although the collection may look a little too airy and easy, due to its lighter colour palette and silk fabrics. If paired with stronger pieces like a structured blazer, or trousers, the pieces would gain an air of sophistication to them. That’s why this collection works for a variety of people and age groups.

For the many Aritzia fans out there, they will be excited to look through something new next time they visit in Mayfair Shopping Centre’s Aritzia (Victoria) or Aritzia’s many locations in Vancouver.




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