GIVE THE GIFT OF DANISH COSINESS   The luxurious new ECCO HYGGESOFT selection of fleece-lined slippers and sneakers will be in stores from December 2020, offering warmth, comfort and Danish cosiness, and making ideal gifts for the winter celebrations.  Or buy the ECCO HYGGESOFT shoes for yourself, and give your own feet a hug. 


Inspired by hygge, the Danish art of winter cosiness, connection and wellbeing, and using ECCO’s own progressive comfort technologies and soft, stretchy ECCO nubuck leathers, the brand has put a fresh spin on house shoes. 

Reimagining the ECCO EASY slipper and the ECCO STREET TRAY sneaker with soft, double-faced fleece, ECCO has created its cosiest shoes yet. While the ECCO STREET TRAY looks like a stylish, modern sneaker, it feels just like a soft slipper. Whether you’re lounging at home or you’re at the office, and whether you’re wearing socks or not, your foot will feel as though it’s being hugged all day and all winter.

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To keep your foot warm and cosy throughout the colder months, the ECCO EASY is lined with double-faced lamb’s fleece, while the ECCO STREET TRAY has a double-faced sheepskin lining. For an even snugger feel, the fleece is fused with breathable ECCO nubuck leathers, which are sumptuously soft and stretchy, giving a close fit. The cosy feeling is further enhanced with a lightweight, comfortable, flexible and supportive sole that is made with ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology and an anatomical footbed. 

In the ECCO STREET TRAY, you can enjoy that warmth and cosiness when it is slippery outside thanks to a rubber outsole, engineered with advanced ECCO TRAYTECH™ Technology, that supplies stability and grip. 

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