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Introducing Family-Owned, Montellier’s NEW Clementine Sparkling Water


As the global sparkling water market continues to surge, with a projected growth from $42.62 billion in 2024 to $108.35 billion by 2032, this bubbly refreshment has become a staple in fridges across the country. Proudly Canadian and family-owned, Montellier invites consumers to step into the heart of a sun-kissed, clementine orchard with the vibrant spirit and flavours of its new Clementine sparkling water. Crafted to embody the vibrant spirit and flavours of the citrus gem, this edition is a celebration of refreshment unlike any other. 

Sourced from the pristine underground spring of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Quebec, the brand’s spring draws from millennia of sediment deposits. Enriching its water with a distinctive taste and a wealth of natural minerals, each sip of Montellier is a testament to the gifts of nature.

The perfect secret weapon for your cocktails


3 peach wedges
6 fresh basil leaves 3/4 oz of simple syrup
0.5 oz of lime juice
2 drops of Peychaud’s bitter
1.5 oz of Comont vodka
Montellier Clementine Carbonated Water
Garnish: basil leaves and peach wedges (optionnal)


In a cocktail shaker, crush the peach wedges using a muddler.
Crumple the basil leaves using your hands to bring out the oils. Add to the shaker Add the simple syrup, lime juice, the bitter, vodka and ice cubes.
Shake vigorously.
Fill your glass with ice and pour the entirety of the shaker by filtering the liquid with a cocktail sieve. Add some Montellier Clementine and top it with some peach wedges and fresh basil leaves and enjoy!
This recipe is made in collaboration with Comont Distillery


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