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Ramsbury Gin Brings a Taste of English Countryside to Ontario Summers

Perfect for Spring and Summer sipping, Ramsbury Gin is now available across Ontario at the LCBO


Ontarians can now add a refreshing twist to their spring and summer gatherings with the arrival of Ramsbury Gin at LCBO stores across the province. Big on flavour and small on the environment, Ramsbury Gin promises to be the go-to choice for whatever your summer has in store.

Whether you’re picnicking in the park or firing up the grill in the backyard, Ramsbury Gin is here to elevate your summer sipping experience. With its hints of fresh quince, picked from the estate’s own orchard,  juniper, citrus, and subtle floral notes and spices, Ramsbury Gin offers a crisp and vibrant taste experience perfect for warm-weather enjoyment!

“Expanding our presence to Canada and partnering with LCBO is a significant achievement for us. We are excited to introduce our award-winning grain-to-glass London Dry gin to Ontario just in time for spring and summer,” said Nikolas Fordham, Master Distiller at Ramsbury. “Sustainability is at the heart of Ramsbury, ensuring exceptional taste and a commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Our closed-loop system exemplifies this dedication, as we meticulously oversee every step of production, from cultivating our grains to distilling and bottling the final product, from our fields to your glass.”

Whether enjoyed in classic cocktails like the Gin & Tonic or as the star ingredient in innovative mixes, Ramsbury Gin is poised to become the go-to choice for those seeking to add something new to their spring and summer celebrations. Its smooth and versatile nature makes it the perfect companion for leisurely afternoons on the patio or late-night al fresco dining. Beyond Ramsbury Gin’s exceptional taste; it’s also committed to sustainability every step of the way. From the fields where its ingredients are grown to the distillation process and beyond, Ramsbury Gin prioritizes environmental responsibility.

Available in 700ml bottles, Ramsbury Gin invites Ontarians to embrace the easygoing spirit of summer with every pour. Ramsbury Gin officially launched in Ontario on May 3, 2024 at the LCBO.


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