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Hilary Swank and HealthyBaby Partner to Revolutionize Babycare for Today’s Parents


HealthyBaby, the challenger maternal health and babycare platform, is thrilled to announce Academy Award-Winning actor, entrepreneur and new mom, Hilary Swank, as the brand’s Partner and Chief Innovation Officer. The partnership between Swank and HealthyBaby is rooted in a shared mission to prioritize health, safety and next-level quality for our babies’ environments, from the very inception of life.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Swank will collaborate with HealthyBaby founder and CEO Shazi Visram to shape the future of the brand, known for pioneering next-generation safety standards for diapers and across the babycare industry. Bringing her creativity and new experience with motherhood to this role, Swank will co-create product innovations across categories and expand on the brand’s commitment to sustainability and performance without compromise.

As a new mom, I’ve found my highest and most fulfilling purpose. Like any parent, I wanted the absolute best for my twins, and my research led me to HealthyBaby’s diapers,” said Swank. “Discovering a brand so profoundly dedicated to the developmental well-being of our little ones in such a thoughtful way has been a gamechanger. I’m thrilled to partner with Shazi and HealthyBaby to contribute to a future where safety, the utmost care, and boundless possibilities are available for all parents and their babies.”

Swank found HealthyBaby after exhaustively researching diapering for her twins. She quickly recognized the exceptional quality, meticulous attention to detail, and genuine care infused in the products and promptly made them a part of her daily routine. As a pioneer of the world’s first Environmental Working Group (EWG)-VERIFIED diapers, HealthyBaby’s diapers are made in Europe without 2800+ chemicals and materials linked to health harm that are often found in other diapers. Made with organic cotton designed to protect baby’s skin, HealthyBaby’s diapers were the obvious choice for Swank. As the only plastic neutral company in diapers and wipes, the brain-friendly brand also offers microbiome friendly skincare and non-toxic home cleaning, all of which resonated with Swank’s unwavering values.

HealthyBaby is founded by celebrated entrepreneur, Shazi Visram, who has been a torchbearer for maternal and infant health since 2003, when she launched and led her first company Happy Baby, to become the leading organic baby food brand in the US. “I believe that connected development during pregnancy and the early years is the biggest challenge and opportunity we as a world face,” said Visram. “If we can empower families with the tools and knowledge to raise healthy, connected and resilient babies, we are in the position to accomplish anything. I’m over the moon to have a partner in Hilary. She is innovative, pure, powerful and so kind. I feel privileged to have her onboard as a partner and new mother who truly cares about every detail of quality and sustainability. She has big ideas and the voice for a new generation of parents.”

In addition to choosing HealthyBaby’s diapers for her twins, Swank continues to rely on the brand’s comprehensive postnatal vitamins that were formulated by trimester with the Neurological Health Foundation to meet the needs of pregnant women today. The company’s vigilantly researched prenatal and fourth trimester vitamins have been particularly supportive to Swank’s health and postpartum recovery. After all, parenting in today’s world requires more self-care and energy than ever before, especially for a new mother of twins, as the Million Dollar Baby gears up to take on the largest consumer packaged goods industry to make meaningful change.


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