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Etiket introduces Wonder Valley to its luxurious lineup


Etiket introduces Wonder Valley,a unisex skincare line made with extra virgin olive oil. Wonder Valley is a husband and wife team from Joshua Tree, California. Their philosophy is that they are co-creating with nature in their vegan, cruelty-free formulations and in their low-impact packaging decisions. They believe that there is no greater transparency or quality in a skincare product than growing a key ingredient yourself. Their olive oil is extra virgin certified, hand-harvested, grown in California, pressed by a master miler ad picked young to ensure maximum potency for polyphenol/antioxidant content. That vitality is felt in the olive oil line to support internal health, as well as topically in their unisex, plant-based skincare line.

Wonder Valley’s olive oil bottles are 100% plastic-free and have been since the start of the company, 7 years ago, and are made of sustainable and natural materials of glass, cork, wood and paper. Harness the Power of Olive Oil with Wonder Valley.

Hinoki Body Wash

A multitasking body wash with a lush lather that will leave your skin invigorated and renewed with the plant-based perfume of hinoki and cedar wood oils.


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