Awards season is here!  Last year on the Grammys red carpet, Billy Porter’s hat broke the internet. It looks like this year; more celebrities will be opting for a statement headpiece. With the invitation in the mail, it’s time to address the perpetual question: Which hat will complete the outfit and start the buzz.  Canadian milliner Jay Cheng has the answer for you. 

Some of Jaycow Millinery’s wonderful collection recently starred on the New York Fashion Week’s (NYFW) virtual runway, she has the perfect statement hat for your next occasion. Typical award ceremonies call for elegant formal style hats, however, with the shift in fashion trends, themes for awards and after parties can range from playful to chic. A hat for these events can punctuate any graceful, elegant, or eclectic ensemble in a simple yet innovative way. 

Jay Cheng, Founder of Jaycow Millinery, believes hats have their own place in the fashion pantheon. After all, it was the Mad Hatter who said, “Anyone can go by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by a hat.” Here are some of her stunning pieces, which will put the “fabulous” back into your fashion. They show her passion for all things glamorous and a collision of styles that create a blast of self-expression. 


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