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Jannik Sinner Stars in Gucci’s Latest Campaign


Jannik Sinner stars in the latest campaign for the House. The Global Brand Ambassador is captured on court in a reportage-style campaign, shot through the documentary-style lens of photographer Riccardo Raspa, who followed the championed tennis player during practice and tournaments around the world.

The campaign marks another significant milestone in Sinner’s relationship with the House following the unveil of the custom duffle bag, carried by the Global Brand Ambassador at The Wimbledon Championships last year. This exceptional collaboration, the first of its kind within the world of sports and luxury fashion, saw Sinner carry other two custom duffle bags at the US Open and the Nitto ATP Finals making a bold statement contributing to how Sinner is revolutionizing tennis codes and aesthetics.

Originally from the North of Italy, Jannik Sinner has reached extraordinary heights, climbing the ranks in a journey that Gucci continues to support. Earlier this year, the world watched in awe as he took home his first Grand Slam title, and Gucci’s campaign wants to pay homage to the grandeur of these moments and the beauty of a sport that speaks deeply to the House’s heritage. 

Gucci’s affinity for tennis traces back to the late seventies when the House expanded its range of tennis-related products, notably focusing on accessories and footwear. This included the iconic Tennis 1977 sneakers – one of the first ever sneakers to be produced by a luxury brand. The House’s foray into the world of tennis continued well into the 1980s, with a ready-to-wear selection that instantly became popular with both athletes and lovers of the sport alike, as Gucci’s legacy of seamlessly merging luxury with leisure became part of its core identity.

With Sinner, Gucci redefines the intersection of tennis and the House’s legacy, epitomizing shared values of elegance and lifestyle. Through the words “Gucci is a feeling” drawn from a vintage Gucci advertisement from the 1980s, the campaign pays tribute to House Ambassador Jannik Sinner’s incredible journey, weaving a narrative of excellence that not only celebrates his achievements but also embodies the spirit of the House. 


Creative Director: Sabato De Sarno
Art Director: Riccardo Zanola
Director: Riccardo Raspa
Photographer: Riccardo Raspa
Talent: Jannik Sinner


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