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Prophecy — Vancouver’s Most Anticipated Cocktail Destination

A new era of “Unpretentious Hospitality” set to unfold in an iconic location, blending classic sophistication with modern allure


Get ready to be immersed in an unparalleled experience as the long-awaited Prophecy opens its doors on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, heralding a new era of cocktail excellence in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Located in the storied space beneath the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Prophecy will captivate patrons with its fuse of timeless sophistication and innovative flair. 
The creative visionaries behind Prophecy are the At Home Hospitality team, spearheaded by a dynamic trio of operating partners—Justin Mensah-Coker, Teddy Wilkie, and Mike Rose. Drawing from their wealth of experience, which has fuelled the success of renowned establishments like Banter Room and The Living Room at Hotel Belmont, they are dedicated to setting a new standard for hospitality and exceptional experiences in Vancouver. The team is joined by Matteo Caniglia (The Parlour, Viaggio Hospitality) as General Manager and Kylene Tse (Banter Room, The Living Room) as Events Manager. 

Prophecy’s cocktail program goes beyond merely mixing drinks: it’s an intricate narrative journey crafted by award-winning Beverage Director Jeff Savage (Botanist Bar) and Bar Manager Nicole Cote (AnnaLena, Published on Main). From spirited stories to refreshing anecdotes, each section of the Prophecy cocktail menu is curated to transport patrons through old fashioned tales and modern legends, drawing inspiration from writers, poets, musicians, and artists. To guide guests on their cocktail odyssey, a flavour legend is included in Prophecy’s stunning Cocktail Book, directing them towards creations that align with their palate preferences: Spiritous, Refreshing, Herbaceous, or Lush.

Elevated “Short Story” selections – “small serves to be consumed quickly” – include options like Ponyboy, a nod to S.E. Hinton’s famous novel The Outsiders, which is a quick dose of Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, Christian Drouin Calvados, and nutmeg. Also featured in this short-serve section is a rotating “Community Cheers” option, which will double as a monthly fundraiser for a local charitable organization. A full section of the menu is also devoted to “Free Spirits” – beautiful beverages made without alcohol. 

To complement the cocktails, Prophecy’s food menu offers elevated, shareable options tailored to diverse tastes. From familiar favorites such as truffle fries and marinated warm olives to indulgent seafood selections like garlic prawns, salmon aburi, and fresh oysters, there’s something for every palate. Nevertheless, the true pièce de résistance lies in the A5 Wagyu Katsu Sando—a decadent creation meant for sharing. Crafted with premium Wagyu beef nestled between butter brioche, adorned with katsu sauce and kewpie mayo, this dish is a true showstopper.

Designed by the acclaimed Ste. Marie Studio, Prophecy’s interior seamlessly blends classic sophistication with modern allure, paying homage to the legacy of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and its role in the past and future of elegant nightlife in Vancouver. Prophecy is the first in Canada to partner with Apollo, a pioneer in progressive art technology that promises an ever-evolving showcase of the world’s most inspiring digital artwork, enriching the guest experience with unparalleled visual stimuli. Soon to come, too, is Prophecy’s live music program, which will feature live jazz during the week and DJs during late night hours–another way to sip and celebrate in a vibrant style.


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