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Lambert launches Redefined: A New Line of Handbags


Montreal-based brand Lambert is proud to introduce Redefined, a new line of hand- bags shaking up the industry. After over a year of research and development, the company is launching four new high-end, eco-friendly products. What makes them so special? They’re made of VEGEA, an innovative material imported from Italy.

“It’s been a dream of mine for some time to offer our customers a collection made from plant-based materials. I’m extremely proud to launch Redefined, our new line of innovative and ecological handbags that I’m sure will please our customers.”

— Mélissa Lambert

An Italian innovation

Lambert turned to VEGEA, an innovative material made in Italy, to create this luxurious collection. VEGEA is almost entirely composed of vegetable-based, renewable and recycled raw materials, including grape residues from the wine-making process, plus vegetable oils and natural fibres.

The name VEGEA combines VEG for vegan and GEA, representing Mother Earth. The company created this sustainable material to provide consumers with an alternative to petroleum- and animal-based products.

Discover the Redefined capsule collection Lambert’s multi-functional bags and accessories have a classic, refined style and broad appeal.

Click here to visit the Lambert Redefined capsule collection micro-site to order your favourite product.


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