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New Sustainable Fashions from SMYTHE and LINE

New Sustainable Fashions from SMYTHE and LINE, the Canadian Designers Favoured by Two Duchesses


Two Canadian fashion houses – SMYTHE and LINE — have been chosen by royal duchesses and countless celebrities in the past for their novel takes on tailored fashions. These innovative designers have set the bar for sustainable fashion by realizing trendy silhouettes fashioned from wool. For the third year, they’ve collaborated with The Campaign for Wool in Canada and Holt Renfrew to create a limited edition capsule collection.  A unique 100-mile blazer by SMYTHE headlined the collection but quickly sold out. Luckily, the rest of the collection is still available just in time for the winter season. The collection includes unique creations from SMYTHE, LINE and Montreal-based ça va de soi: expect trendy throws, smart sweaters made from recycled wool, and a business-ready three-button blazer. They are available now in-store and online from iconic retailer Holt Renfrew as long as supplies last.      

In an “everything old is new again” fashion statement, the unique properties of wool make it the ultimate sustainable fabric and the deserving star of Holt’s new collection. The secret lies in the many incredible properties of this flexible fibre:

  • Natural, Renewable, and Sustainable – Wool is an all-natural fibre that is harvested annually during the shearing season at no harm or inconvenience to our fuzzy friends.
  • It is one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man.
  • Wool is a natural insulator. A repellent exterior and absorbent interior work together to retain heat.
  • Wool is breathable making it the perfect fibre for winter and summer clothing. The unique structure of wool allows it to absorb and release moisture or perspiration into the atmosphere before bacteria has a chance to develop.
  • The durability of wool and its natural purifying properties lend it a long life. It is resistant to staining meaning reduced cleaning.
  • Wool is not only flame retardant but it has a naturally high level of UV protection – much higher than most synthetics or cotton.  
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