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Sustainable Handbag Brand Funded On Kickstarter In Less Than 5hrs


FRIDA ROME, a female-owned vegan luxury accessories brand that made headlines in 2022, after their appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, has once again smashed their funding goal on Kickstarter in under five hours, with the release of their latest design, The Stockholm XL Tote.

The brand has nailed the ultimate over-sized tote bag, with key features of The Stockholm including an adjustable, insulated, bottle holder – made to fit a full-size bottle of champagne as well as baby bottles (depending on your use for the bag) – and a dedicated waterproof compartment for wet brolly days or a beach-soaked bikini.

FRIDA ROME specially designed The Stockholm to be the answer to every woman’s carrying related problems. It’s a big luxury bag that rumour has it was loosely based on the practicality of the iconic blue IKEA bag, but the Founders say it’s the Nordic design principal of minimalist form and elegant function that inspired them with the creation of this bag.

And The Stockholm really is a one-size-fits-all bag, created for every mode of a woman’s life. It’s elegant enough for work, chic enough as an overnight bag, it’s ideal for sports, the beach or even to use as a baby changing bag. Plus, the interior pockets make organisation effortless, with a designated place for everything women need to carry.

At the core of the brand’s ethics is their dedication to making accessories that elevate a woman’s wardrobe and her lifestyle. FRIDA ROME is unapologetically bold in their designs as well as morally staunch on being vegan and sustainable without compromising on aesthetics.

“Designing The Stockholm was exciting as well as addictive,” says Co-Founder Natalie, “Our approach to product design is to create beloved, statement pieces that mean something, and that customers will cherish. But we’re always looking to solve a problem as well as being cruelty-free and as sustainable as possible.” She continues, “We don’t make bags for the sake of it, we design because we want to make an impact. If a design doesn’t meet all the brand’s criteria, we either don’t make it or we refine it until it does.”

During a time when the vegan movement is seeing a backlash, FRIDA ROME continues to stand for luxury without the guilt, as the self-proclaimed ‘Bad Girls Who Do Good Things’ are on a mission to make sustainability sexy.

“We trust our instincts,” says Co-founder Rebecca. “We know that the future of the luxury accessories and fashion industries will be forced to embrace vegan and more sustainable options, so we’re digging our heels in on what we know is coming, because it’s the right thing to do.”

For the founders of a sustainably focused brand like FRIDA ROME, it’s also obvious why the crowdfunding route is ideal to release new product. “The crowdfunding model enables us to test new designs with our customers without the risk of over-producing. This minimises stock waste, which is a key environmental issue within the fashion industry”, says Co-Founder Natalie.

“And the platform is an amazing way to build a community who can become loyal customers, who’s ethics align with ours.” Rebecca adds.

Embracing a philosophy of conscious consumption with a limited release of The Stockholm, the brand invites early supporters to become part of the journey, offering exclusive early bird prices for the first batch of this luxury tote in exchange for their support.

How to back The Stockholm XL Tote:

The Stockholm is available now only on Kickstarter. The campaign will only until 29th June 2024.

To back the project and receive your own Stockholm tote, head over to the campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fridarome/the-stockholm-a-nordic-inspired-xl-tote


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