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Fairmont Waterfront Introduces Rooftop Garden Dinner Party Series

Luxury hotel opens doors to rooftop garden for first -of-its-kind garden dinner party series featuring the best of British Columbia flavours


As spring blooms with vibrant colours and sweet fragrances, the luxury Fairmont Waterfront announces a new summertime rooftop garden dinner party series, along with public tours of its rooftop garden and beekeeping activities for guests and locals alike. These experiences promise to nurture the senses and cultivate lasting memories amidst the hotel’s rooftop oasis.

Taking outdoor dining to new heights, Fairmont Waterfront, along with industry partners presents a unique alfresco dining series at the hotel’s rooftop garden venue. Set among a canopy of twinkling lights and meticulously manicured gardens, each dinner party in the series promises an evening of culinary delights and thematic immersion. From themed menus inspired by seasonal ingredients to curated beverage selections that tantalize the palate, guests will be transported to a whimsical world of nature’s bounty and gastronomy.

The Garden dinner series will begin with an interactive cocktail reception in the rooftop garden, featuring the hotel’s exclusive gin line made in partnership with Woodward Distillers. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with delectable canapes designed by the Fairmont Waterfront’s culinary team, followed by an immersive garden and bee tour led by the resident head gardener Carissa Kasper and chief beekeeper, Julia Common. To follow, indulge in a multi-course featuring wine pairings from top Okanagan wine producers that capture the summer flavours of British Columbia. The Garden Dinner series is available on three evenings; Thursday, June 20, Thursday, July 18, and Thursday, August 22, beginning at 6:00 pm with a cocktail reception, followed by dinner. 

Tickets for dinner series can be reserved online here.


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