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The New Jewelry Trends Inspired By Celebrities

Photo by Jakob Owens

J-Lo said “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got, I’m still Jenny from the block.” She might still be Jenny, but those rocks have inspired women from all around the world to follow her influential jewelry style. Women are certainly leading the way when it comes to jewelry trends this year, and they’re certainly not waiting for the men to buy them something shiny – 51% of women aged 25-40 buy jewelry for themselves. There are some big name female celebrities that have their own jewelry brands, and they are also taking to Instagram to show us how powerful the right piece of jewelry can be. From statement rings to bracelets with bling, there are some great new trends to follow that will give your outfit real impact. 

Colored diamonds

There has been one wedding that’s on everyone’s lips this year, and that of course is the Lopez-Affleck affair. It was the second time that the couple had been engaged, and Ms Lopez certainly wasn’t holding back on the ring which was designed especially for the occasion. Customizing your engagement ring means that you can choose something that is perfect for you. It is a ring that you will wear forever and symbolizes love and the promise of commitment. The first time Jen and Ben got engaged, she wore a pink diamond ring. This time round the couple went for an extremely rare green diamond. According to research done by The Knot, 86% of engagement rings have a diamond centerpiece, but it is right on trend this year to go for a colored diamond with a difference. 

Statement nose rings

There is no shortage of celebrities with nose rings. This little piece of jewelry often symbolized a rebellious streak (see Miley Cyrus), however, nose rings are now firmly in the mainstream. Reality star Kim Kardashian is rarely out of the limelight. This month she took her 9-year-old daughter, North Rock to Paris Couture Fashion Week to show off their style. Whilst attending the Jean-Paul Gautier show the pair sported matching nose ring chains and pinstriped suits. This year the dainty nose ring is out – it’s go big or go home. 

All the pearls

A pearl necklace has always been a thing of class and beauty. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Coco Chanel were all famous for their exquisite taste in pearls. The trend for wearing pearls never really goes away, however it needs to be done with finesse. This week Rihanna was spotted at Lollapalooza in an Adidas-Balenciaga tracksuit in navy and green. Rihanna clearly wasn’t going running though, because the queen of streetwear had dressed her outfit up with several strings of pearls, proving that paired with even the most casual of outfits, pearls can bring it a true sense of style and luxury. If in doubt, just add pearls. 

The celebrities are always leading the way when it comes to fashion and jewelry. Those accessories that you wear can complete a look and really make a statement. 

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