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Expert Tips To Fix Unruly Hair Damaged By Sun Exposure and Sea Salt

Eliza Pineda of Mayraki Professional shares how to get your hair back in shape after the summer holidays

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As we near the end of summer, many are planning to spend the coming weeks at the seaside, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the salty waves. While it may be the most relaxing way to spend the last of your summer holidays, the daily exposure to the sun, sea, and saltwater or chlorinated pools can leave your hair frizzy and extremely dry. Eliza Pineda, in-house hair expert at Mayraki Professional, shares her top tips on how to get your hair back into shape and prepare it for colder temperatures as autumn approaches. 

“As much as we love summer, it brings with it a lot of damage to hair due to a range of factors. The scorching heat from the sun, chlorine from days spent by the pool and sea salt from swimming at the beach all cause heat damage, UV damage, chemical damage and dryness. It’s important to take extra care during summer to keep your hair and scalp healthy, as well as taking steps to help it recover after all of this harsh exposure,” shares Pineda.

Luckily, there are simple yet effective ways to hydrate hair strands and make them smooth and shiny again.

Pay Attention to Hair Drying

This all-season advice is even more important when we get to the end of summer and our hair is in need of some serious care. Rubbing your hair or using a cotton towel can exacerbate frizziness and make unruly hair unrulier, especially when it’s been exposed to summer heat for the last couple of months. 

Pineda continues: “Friction is one common issue that damages your hair without you realizing it. This can come from your hair rubbing on your pillow at night, and especially from drying your hair with a terry cloth towel. To avoid frizziness and damage caused by friction, you should replace your towel with a gentler material that won’t cause friction, such as microfibre. This offers the best material for drying your hair as it is highly absorbent and super soft, soaking up the water without you having to rub your hair.”

As well as drying your hair in the gentlest way, make sure to also invest in a proper towel that gently absorbs water from hair strands without overdrying. The Mayraki Professional Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is made from plush microfiber that instantly absorbs moisture without leaving hair overly dry, causing frizz. The towel’s unique twist-and-loop system ensures that a towel turban stays in place and is easy to wrap around your hair. Perfect for all hair types, this microfiber towel works wonders, especially on wavy, curly or kinky hair types by ‘plopping’ in on your head. It allows you to define the curl pattern without using heat styling tools. 

Make Time for Masking

When we go about our busy lives, it can be hard to find time for a self-care routine. But when it comes to hair care, consistency is the key to visible results. Hair masks are your best friend in the fight against frizz, split ends, and dryness, but you have to remember to use them regularly for maximum nourishment. 

“There is a hair mask for each type of hair issue you may be experiencing. You could opt for a hair mask that has been specially formulated by professionals or you could look for researched ingredients to mix in to nourish your hair. Some common ingredients used in DIY hair masks, as well as pre-made hair masks, include: aloe vera, coconut oil, yogurt, honey, and eggs. For damaged and dry hair caused by all of that summer sun, sea and salt, choose hair masks that contain one or more of these nourishing ingredients, as oils and protein help to build your cuticle back up,” adds Pineda.

Mayraki Weightless Essential Oil Nutritive Treatment is the perfect addition to any end-of-summer hair care routine when you need to deeply infuse your hair with moisture and repair the damage from months of sun and salt. Formulated with a range of specifically chosen organic floral and plant oils, together with a multi-peptide complex, this treatment works to reinforce the barrier function of hair cuticles, restoring strength and shine to dry and damaged hair.

Use Hair Oil for Extra Protection

Hair oil is one of the most versatile hair products to nourish your hair and bring it back to health. It makes a perfect repairing treatment as well as a styling product. To fix hair that has been damaged through exposure to the sun, sea, and salt, hair oil can offer a quick and effective solution for healthier-looking strands.

“Hair oils are a quick, convenient, and effective way to combat damage. Treating your hair with a good hair oil a couple of times a week will go a long way to keeping your hair strands hydrated, treating your scalp and repairing damaged hair,” recommends Pineda.

Mayraki Ultimate Botanical Moisturizing Hair Oil features a blend of 16 precious natural plant oils to inject powerful healing energy into your hair. The lightweight formula offers excellent absorbency, deeply moisturizes hair strands, tames frizz and flyaways and replenishes moisture and nutrition, helping to improve dry and split ends and stop breakage. Your hair will be left looking and feeling healthier, smoother and shiny all day long without any oily residue. Just what you need to revive dull and unruly summer hair!


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