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Daily Immune Support: Niyama has 2 NEW products


Just in time for the dreaded cold and flu season, Niyama has launched their newest products, Immune Warrior and Goddess Green & Superfoods, to help boost your immunity.

Your immune system’s new bodyguard

Boost your immune system and kick those viruses to the curb with Niyama’s delicious orange-pineapple Immune Warrior supplement. Formulated with medicinal mushrooms, immudyne beta-glucans, MAC, Vitamin C and D, Zinc and Glutamine, this product is sure to support your immune system when it needs it more than ever. Simply mix one scoop of Immune Warrior with your liquid of choice daily to keep your immune system in tip-top shape or when you are experiencing symptoms. 

Immune Warrior – $49.99

A scoop a day keeps the doctor away

The best offence is a good defence! Niyamas newest product, Goddess Green & Superfoods, will support your immune system, overall health and vitality for a healthier you, one scoop at a time. Packed with 53 organically-grown sea and land veggies, fruits, medicinal mushrooms and herbs, this nutrient powerhouse provides your body with the antioxidant equivalent of 6-8 servings of organically grown fruits and vegetables and over 50% of your essential vitamin and mineral intake with each scoop. 

Goddess Green & Superfoods – $59.99


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