CITY SHRED, Instagram’s largest fitness community, in conjunction with George Sully, Founder of Black Designers of Canada, has teamed up with six of the country’s top coaches and motivators from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal to bring forward an epic collaboration designed to educate and motivate while taking conscious action to support Children’s Aid Foundation, who are working to address systemic issues and support over represented BIPOC kids involved in child welfare. Created as a collective by all parts of the project, the ‘ONE COMMUNITY’ Black Canvas Shoe is available now for pre-orders and offers a customization option by a local youth artist who will paint symbols of love, peace and BLM – just in time for the holidays. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to The Foundation with dollar-for- dollar donor matching in hopes to raise $15,000 and a lot of love.

“I believe kids need an equal chance, and if given the tools, there is no limit,” said Cheryl Willberg, Founder of City Shred. “We felt working with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada was the perfect marriage in being able to highlight their programming in support of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC). Helping the next generation resonated with the City Shred team.”


To amplify the voices of some of Canada’s top Black inspiring coaches and motivators within the health and wellness community, ‘Walk A Day In My Shoes’ was created to shed light on the personal journeys each have experienced on their path to becoming the leaders they are today. Overcoming adversity and uncovering what motivates them to push through any challenge, they continue to show up for their communities and demonstrate ongoing dedication to helping people grow, mentally and physically, using fitness, health and mindset as pillars to persevere.

The stories of these leaders were captured in video interviews that will be rolling out on City Shred’s Instagram, and they invite you to watch, listen and share as you walk a day in the shoes of…

  • Rolli Adenmosun (Toronto) – Owner of PHNX Fithouse and Musical Performing Artist known as Ro Joaquim.
  • Raia ‘Coach’ Carey (Toronto) – 3x Certified Life Coach who specializes in DNI Training, Corporate Wellness, Mindful Meditations and helping individuals tap into their hidden confidence.
  • Jay Jean Paul (Montreal) – Owner of Bully By Nature Boxing and Training Studio.
  • Skylar Helm (Toronto) – Functional Strength Coach and Fascial Stretch Therapist with All Day Fit.
  • CY Iwanegbe (Vancouver) – Wellness Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Defensive Backs Coach at UBC Football.
  • Jahmeek Taylor (Toronto) – Firefighter, Former Football Athlete, and Trainer with All Day Fit.


Designed by George Sully, the Tri-City Slip- on Loafer features a light-weight black foam- core canvas upper and a limited-edition Eva footpad highlighting ONE COMMUNITY – the 3 city skylines together and six signatures of the collaborating trainers and coaches.

Customization option available where individuals can choose to add hand-painted symbols that represent love, peace, BLM and ONE COMMUNITY that will be completed by Shea Coughlan (aka KicksbyShea) – a Toronto local youth artist and Alumni of The Remix Project who specializes in 1:1 original sneaker art.

100% of net proceeds from this initiative will be donated to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, who are working to remove barriers and create greater access to opportunities for children, youth and families involved in child welfare, particularly Indigenous and Black youth and families who have been and continue to be over-represented in child welfare. Donations from the overall campaign will also be matched dollar for dollar to further support the program.

Order your pair HERE.


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