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Gift Guide 2020 – Good Vibrations from Lelo

LELO toys

It doesn’t matter anymore if you’ve been naughty or nice; this is the time for giving yourselves some quality self-love time. LELO is here to remind you of that and to send you some positive vibrations.

We know this year has been stressful enough, so why not try this anti-stress solution of ours? It’s ideal for couples. Add some holiday atmosphere, a bit of mulled wine, the smell of gingerbread cookies and cinnamon, holiday songs, and maybe add something extra like Tiani 3, and there you have it! An excellent recipe for perfect stress-free holidays. Oh, and if you’re alone this holiday season, don’t worry because you shouldn’t waste your time on finding the right partner when you can just be your own best partner.  We have a couple of fine partners for you to recommend, such as Soraya Wave or Sona 2 Cruise. Just maybe skip bringing that kind of partner for holiday dinner with family and friends.


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