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How Global pandemic affects land-based casinos?

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Casinos endured heavy losses because suddenly rush nights with no space for people to stand turned into empty halls just within a day. Casinos globally received orders to implement strict rules. They ensured their staff and team members are healthy while also taking care of the guests’ safety. It became necessary to ensure that they regularly clean and sanitize all the public areas, guest rooms and gaming areas to reduce and help control the spread of the virus. They required their staff to wear a face mask and gloves to safeguard everyone. They were required to encourage their customers to wear a face mask and at the same time, promote social distancing practices.

  • The entire routine turned upside down.
  • Stricter rules were implemented.
  • Masks and gloves became the new normal.
  • Seating capacity was reduced drastically.

Since the pandemic started, land-based casinos have been closed. Globally famous gambling centres such as Las Vegas have been transformed into ghost cities. If land-based casinos are open, they are focused on implementing the social distancing rules and practices which have been advised by their local health officials. To cover up for the lost customers and in hopes of attracting new customers, resorts in Las Vegas have turned to offering their rooms at reduced rates. Simultaneously, others are using different strategies, like offering to pay for their customers’ air tickets. Since the world has started recovering, most of the world-famous casinos have started to reopen, and hotels have started accepting guests.

Online Casinos

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Online Gambling

Since the lockdown forced us to stay at home, many gamblers turned to online gambling. Betting on sports increased, their products being eSports, online casino games, and virtual sports betting. It is assumed that the customers gained during this lockdown period will stay loyal and if things go totally downhill for land casinos, their last resort will be to retain an online version as a form of back up. Many people prefer using online casino games as they can do it from their homes and have no risk of infection. It has become a safe and easy way of gambling. The online gambling industry definitely boomed during the lockdown.

  • Lockdown was imposed, and people started being indoors more than usual
  • Gamblers turned to online gambling

Demand Has Started Picking Up

Even though the amount of visitors has reduced, land casinos have started reopening in some areas, and they seem to report better than anticipated bookings. Betting shops and land casinos in Europe have started the difficult trek back to normal with progress and financial viability. Therefore land casinos are steadily easing the restrictions on various businesses. Simultaneously online casinos give land casinos fierce competition. Online casinos have greater demand over land casinos because they don’t have to follow the rules of social distancing and also don’t put the players at risk of infection. It is assumed that once the threat of the coronavirus is overcome all types of gambling will be profitable.

  • The number of customers reduced
  • Eventually, casinos and betting shops reopened

What the future holds

The pandemic changed our lives for the better and the worst, but any which ways we do not have an option other than living with this new reality. It has affected economic growth and job markets too. For both online and land casinos, the chances seem to be fairly equal as the reopening of the land casinos is attracting far better customers than expected. The social distancing norms with proper usage of masks and gloves and regular sanitation are going to stay with us for a little while more. Land casinos may find it a little difficult considering the smaller crowd and added cost of ensuring the health and safety of its customers.

Caught Off Guard

The pandemic has caught everyone off guard, and certainly, we did not expect it to get this bad. We all were locked inside our homes, and many businesses faced a huge loss. Major businesses that depend on crowds of people like land-based casinos suffered. When you envision a casino, you see lots of people, cheering, music, drinks, lights – it’s all so glamourous. But now casinos have been asked to implement stricter rules, and nothing remains the same. The pandemic came and hit everyone surely like a tsunami, but in this article, we are going to take a look and discuss how this global pandemic has affected land casinos.


Land-based casinos have been ordered to introduce strict restrictions until we are done and through with the pandemic. People are eager to go back to normal life, but the possibility of that is very slim unless we get the entire globe vaccinated. At least because of the pandemic we have turned to cashless transactions, which can be quicker and safer. Few on-site employees are saving the casinos some cash, but they have to empty their pockets to keep the rooms clean and sanitized. Even though this new world is drastically different than what we are used to, it is some way or other for the good of everyone.


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