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Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts from GOODEE

Photo by Jon Flobrant

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, here are some of GOODEE’s spring gifting options for the important women in our lives. GOODEE is a B-Corp-certified home and lifestyle marketplace and a go-to destination for all things gifting. 

Product Name – Plant Brush by Redecker

Link – https://www.goodeeworld.com/products/redecker-plant-brush

Description – Expertly crafted in Germany, the Redecker Plant Brush offers a new way to clean plants for the mom with an ever-expanding gardening toolkit. Large leaves of plants like the Monstera or Fiddle-Leaf Fig collect the debris of their surroundings, which the receiver of the brush can easily remove with a few swipes.

Product Name – Canopy Self Watering Planter by LSA International 

Link – https://www.goodeeworld.com/collections/outdoor/products/canopy-self-watering-planter

Description – For a mom with a busy schedule, the Canopy Self Watering Planter’s benefit is in its name, maintaining plant hydration without the need for manual watering. Mom just has to fill the basin with water and go about her day as the rope infuses water into the plant’s soil, keeping it thriving and happy.

Product Name – The Warley Fall (Two Gallon) by Haws

Link – https://www.goodeeworld.com/collections/haws/products/haws-the-warley-fall-two-gallon

Description – Packed in a gorgeous box for gifting, The Warley Fall offers the gift of plant hydration to the mom with delicate flowerbeds. With an extra-long spout for reach, a non-drip brass rose, and corrosion-proof steel, the watering can for professionals maintains its durability and water pressure no matter the weather.

Product Name – Gardening Tool Set by Barebones

Link – https://www.goodeeworld.com/collections/outdoor/products/gardening-tool-set-2

Description – With everything a freshly interested gardener needs to tend to their new growth, this stainless-steel set includes a cultivator, a spade, a square hoe, and a pair of shears. These gardening essentials cover all planting, weeding, and pruning needs for the mom who just embarked on a gardening project.

Product Name – Gathering Bag by Barebones

Link – https://www.goodeeworld.com/collections/outdoor/products/barebones-gathering-bag

Description – A mom who considers herself a professional in the vegetable garden needs a bag that facilitates her practice. Its paraffin waxed canvas and watertight liner make it resistant to wet weather conditions, allowing the gardener to gather their fruit and veggie yield with ease any time of year.

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