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Travel in style with your furry friends this Victoria Day weekend


As the Victoria Day long weekend approaches, we know how stressful it can be to try to make accommodations for your furry friends. With VOOCOO’s travel accessories, you can bring your pet along with you to make memories that last a lifetime! From cozy pet carriers to versatile travel bowls and leashes, VOOCOO’s FAA-approved travel collection allows you to be confident that your pet is well-prepared for any plans.

To keep your pet safe while travelling, try the Fynn Pet Travel Bag – Hand Carry Style. This comfortable carrier opens through the sides for easy access, while the mesh on the top and sides provides proper ventilation and visibility for your fur babies. It also includes a trolley sleeve, meaning the bag can be secured on luggage handles or seatbelts for any plane or car trips. Made out of artificial leather, canvas fabric and metal hardware, this versatile carrier is perfect for pets under 20 lbs. Available at voocoo.pet, $169.99.

To keep your pet stylish while on your travel adventures, bring the #OOTD Leash & Harness Set – Leather along with you. This simple, yet sophisticated, harness and leash set takes both comfort and utility to the next level. With modern design and a warm colour aesthetic, your pet will be secure and stylish all in one! Available at voocoo.pet, $99.00.

The Wave Elevated Pet Food and Water Bowl Duo is the answer to keep your pet happy and healthy while on the go! This convenient feeding solution combines quality and functionality to give your pet an enjoyable mealtime experience while being away from home. The unique shape provides comfortable space for your pet’s chins and whiskers, while also stopping the majority of the bowl contents from mixing, ensuring that the food and water stay fresh and separate. To make things even better, the bowls are stay firm in place so your pet can’t move them around and make a mess, however they are easily detachable for cleaning. Available at voocoo.pet, $39.00.

Make your and your pets’ long weekend the most memorable with VOOCOO!



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