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Canadians Prioritizing Meaningful Travel Experiences in 2024


If 2023 was the year for “revenge travel,” then 2024 is shaping up to be the year for intentional exploration. A recent Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) survey conducted by YouGov reveals that 61% of Canadians are planning to pack their bags within the next year—but this time with a purpose. Canadians are trading impulsive getaways for mindful travel choices, seeking meaningful experiences that align with their values, aspirations—and tighter budgets. The same study reveals that 82% of respondents are opting to adapt their vacations in response to soaring costs rather than abandoning their travel plans altogether.

“In an era where every dollar counts, Canadians are choosing to invest in travel experiences that resonate with their budgets, values and desires” says Chadd Andre, Executive Vice President for Flight Centre Canada. “With ‘revenge travel’ behind us, Canadians are becoming more intentional, booking well in advance while paying attention to cost-effective options, and favouring places that are less crowded.” 

Andre elaborates, “Whether it’s through wellness retreats or bold adventures, our travel experiences mirror the varied interests of Canadian travellers and their budgets.” 

Survey Highlights:

Surveyed Canadians are adopting a strategic approach to their travel choices: 

  • 86% prioritize cost savings and exclusive deals, 
  • 74% seek destination variety and uniqueness, 
  • 57% value personalization and customization 

This mindset has resulted in a 35% uptick in tour bookings for 2023 over previous years, indicating the growing preference for value-centric travel experiences, with tours typically offering savings of up to 20% compared to independently booking the same itinerary.  

In tune with the survey results, Flight Centre travel experts have curated a list of travel experiences that directly align with surveyed respondent’s top ten travel preferences: 

Multi-experience: 47% seek diverse experiences that combine urban, beach, or culture, which creates a dynamic and fulfilling experience that satisfies various interests and cravings for exploration. Costa Rica’s tropical adventure goes from San Jose to Zarcero. 

Nature: 46% seek solace in nature and the thrill of exploring national parks, hiking trails, and scenic landscapes. Iceland’s ‘Golden Circle’ highlights awe-inspiring natural wonders from erupting geysers to cascading waterfalls. 

Foodie: 38% are foodie enthusiasts, relishing in everything from street food to fine dining. The Taste of Portugal Tour offers an in-depth exploration of tempting flavours and wines. 

Beach: 34% pursue the soothing sound of waves and the feel of sand between their toes. The Club Barbados Resort & Spa offers sweeping ocean views alongside tropical lush gardens. 

Cultural: 33% immerse themselves in experiences rich with history and connection; discovering historic, festive, and local traditions. The Majestic Cities of Central & Eastern Europe Tour reveals the charm of captivating cities like Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, and Krakow.

Hidden Gems: 32% explore adventures beyond the typical hotspots that appeal to their sense of exploration and discover. The Highlights of Malta and Gozo Tour offers quaint fishing towns and cliff-side views.

Urban: 24% enjoy the vibrant energy, diverse cultures, and modern amenities that urban destinations offer. Singapore’s Hotel Swissôtel The Stamford with a Gourmet Street Food Tour offers the ultimate sensory overload with fragrant Hawker Markets amid soaring skyscrapers and colourful architecture. 

Wellness: 18% seek the perfect equilibrium of mind, body and spirit with the help of relaxing spas, rejuvenating hot springs or blissful yoga retreats. The Bali Garden Beach Resort and Jamu Organic Remedy Workshop provides the perfect combination of wellness and wanderlust. 

Open Seas: 16% cherish the serenity of cruising—relaxing on board, exploring new destinations. Venture beyond the Arctic Circle on the Classic Voyage South from Kirkenes to Bergen discovering pristine fjords and charming coastal towns.

Andre shares, “with Canadians seeking to maximize every dollar they spend on unique travel experiences, our current Big Red Sale comprises hundreds of exclusive deals including up to 20% on tours and 35% on cruises, plus savings on vacation packages.  This marks the biggest savings for Canadians we’ve managed to offer simultaneously.”

In 2024, Canadians are not just travelling; they are setting off on journeys that resonate with their personal values and financial prudence. With more than 30 years of experience in Canada, Flight Centre is at the forefront, guiding them towards experiences that extend beyond ‘revenge travel’, instead offering accessibility, personalization, and values-driven inspiration. 


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