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MEN | Elevate Your Beard Care Routine with Mayraki Professional’s Luxurious Beard Oil

Introducing a Vegan Formula for Effortlessly Tamed Beards and Nourished Skin


A well-groomed beard shows character and style, reflecting dedication to proper facial hair care for maximum growth. Studies show over 44% of men worldwide have a full beard. For many, it’s a matter of confidence and attractiveness: 73% of American men claim to feel more confident with a beard. 

While beards are admired for their appearance, taking care of them requires commitment and attention to detail. Growing and maintaining a beard involves a balance of regular trimming, nourishing and styling. To help address these important care needs, Mayraki Professional, a leading vegan haircare brand, is thrilled to unveil its latest beard care formula, CopperGro Pro Beard Growth Oil.

“When it comes to beard care, it’s important not to get caught up in the art of beard styling while forgetting the crucial foundation – the health of the hair strands and the skin beneath. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good, too. Mayraki understands this balance, and that’s why we created CopperGro Pro Beard Growth Oil – to remind every man that true beard mastery lies in nurturing both the style and the roots. A well-cared-for beard is a timeless statement of confidence and health,” – shares Eliza Pineda, hair care expert at Mayraki Professional. 

CopperGro Pro Beard Growth Oil boasts a premium fusion of natural and organic components designed to foster robust beard growth, enrich facial hair and hydrate the underlying skin. The vegan formula combines the oils of sweet almonds, jojoba, argan, and coconut and adds potent copper peptides, delivering unmatched results for men desiring to achieve a supple, well-groomed and rejuvenated beard. 

Ideal for all beard types, CopperGro Pro Beard Oil is specially formulated for those with sensitive noses or skin. It effectively alleviates itchiness, flakiness and irritation while providing a soft and manageable touch to even the most rebellious beard hair.


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