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Laboratoire Dr Renaud unveils its new PURE Re[Gene] Sumptuous Rejuvenating Cream


One of the most visible signs of aging is changes to your skin. Do you want to prevent or manage wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, and discolouration? Are you looking for visible results? The secret to younger-looking skin is
Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s PURE Re[Gene] Sumptuous Rejuvenating Cream.

This innovative formula, presented in an exquisite texture, instantly diminishes the appearance of visible expression lines and wrinkles, penetrates deeply to lock in moisture and visibly smooth, firm, and plump sagging skin.

Exclusive Cell2Cell Complex :

PURE Re[Gene] Sumptuous Rejuvenating Cream contains a potent blend of active anti-aging ingredients to nourish your skin and promote cell renewal. It’s the ultimate in Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s regenerating technology, which is based on several years of research and close collaboration with university researchers and experts in dermopharmacology.


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