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TARAMAR – The Evolution of an Anti-Aging Serum into a Healing Skin Constructor: A Tale of Pioneering Skincare Advancements

TARAMAR founder, Professor Gudrun Marteinsdottir, has created a remarkable healing skin constructor in product, "The Serum"


In the ever-evolving world of skincare innovation, there are pivotal moments when a beauty product transcends its initial intended function and becomes something truly extraordinary. This is the story of how a simple anti-aging serum that, propelled by ground-breaking scientific advancements and exhaustive skincare research, has transformed into a remarkable healing skin constructor.

The visionary trailblazer behind this transformation, Professor Gudrun Marteinsdóttir, founder of TARAMAR, experienced a profound shift from her former role as a professor of fishery sciences at the University of Iceland to becoming an entrepreneur focusing on formulating toxic free marine-based skincare. Her motivation stemmed from the desire to restore her skin’s youthful vitality and radiance as she reached the age of 50, where her complexion had succumbed to a lacklustre, pallid, and dry appearance, accentuated by the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes and mouth.

What started as an innocent hobby rapidly evolved into intensively complicated research at the University of Iceland. As recounted by Dr. Marteinsdottir, “We embarked on a transformative journey that exceeded the bounds of our existing knowledge. In our quest to uncover the secrets of nature’s solutions, we initiated collaboration with other departments at the University, involving esteemed professors in physiochemistry and bioengineering, in conjunction with our specialised expertise in chemistry, food, and marine sciences. This synergy gave rise to innovative formulations that deliver exceptional results.”

Our hero product, “The Serum,” was meticulously designed to strengthen and correct the collagen structure within the skin. By harnessing the combined functionality of the Icelandic Kelp and an ingenious tripeptide infused in a natural delivery system, the Serum literally straightens and conditions collagen fibres. Consequently, these fibres, instead of remaining misaligned and irregular, align uniformly, resulting in a much stronger, smoother, and even skin.

While our beauty product was a true success, what truly astonished us was the discovery that our clients were experimenting with the serum in unexpected ways. It became evident that our product possesses healing properties beyond what we initially anticipated. Through their experimentation, our clients have found that the serum aids in healing acne, diminishing scars, accelerating skin recovery after operations, alleviating rosacea symptoms, and even minimised the appearance of bruises. This revelation stands as a testament to the efficacy of our skincare innovation and highlights the scientific breakthroughs we have achieved through extensive skincare research.


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