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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide To Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and this year it needs to be all about self-love.

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This year’s Valentine’s Day will probably be the most unusual one in the last decade. Due to closed borders, many couples are finding themselves physically separated, and the restrictive measures in some states may limit celebrations to being held at home rather than a fancy restaurant. Mayraki Professional believes that for this year’s Valentine’s Day we need to focus on loving ourselves along with our loved ones, to restore and nourish our mental state after such a turbulent year.

Recent statistics reveal the need to pay extra attention to your mental state these days:

  • The period of January to September 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, saw a 93 percent increase in people who needed help with anxiety and depression and took an anxiety screening test.
  • The number of people screening with moderate to severe symptoms of depression and anxiety has continued to increase throughout 2020 and remains higher than rates prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, no matter whether you get to celebrate alone or with your special someone, at home or dining outside, Mayraki Professional invites everyone to dedicate some time to self-care rituals on this romantic occasion; we all need to practice self-love a little more.

Practice deep breathing or meditation

Taking a short break from your daily routine and stress is one of the most important and powerful ways to show yourself some love. If you notice that your loved ones have been over-stressed or overexerting themselves, invite them to join your practice. Whether you dedicate several minutes to conscious breathing, or go all-in by lighting candles and concentrating on a deeper meditation, it will give your mind and body a much-needed break.

Do a home spa day

Whether making a warm bath or practicing a face massage, any rituals that show love to your body are welcome. It may be a great moment to dedicate some time to your hair, performing a powerful treatment to nourish and restore it, such as Mayraki Professional Organic Hydrolyzed Keratin Instant Smoother System. It is the first-ever keratin-smoothing treatment with gentle vegan and organic ingredients that effectively smooths, enhances shine, and makes hair satiny soft, producing instant results that last up to three months.

Make time for your hobby

Staying at home doesn’t always mean having more time to dedicate to ourselves, as we’ve learned during last year’s lockdown. This Valentine’s Day, consciously dedicate a certain amount of time to do what you love—or loved doing—without stressing about work, time management, or all the other things that may stop you from dedicating time to your hobby on a regular basis.

Treat yourself to a gift

Dare to choose something you’ve wanted for a long time, and truly enjoy the experience. Mayraki Professional also has a couple of suggestions for self-care gifts: Mayraki Lash & Brow Restoration Growth Solution, which increases eyelashes by as much as 27 percent after just two weeks of use; and its new Weightless Essential Oil Nutritive Treatment that reduces hair breakage by 50 percent from its first use.

Write down the things you are grateful for

We often feel that taking credit for something that we’ve done could sound like bragging about our achievements, but it’s important to remember all of our victories and thank ourselves for all we have. This Valentine’s Day, dedicate some time to write down everything you feel proud of or grateful for, and try to keep that habit whenever you feel frustrated or sad.


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