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Tips on How to Avoid Hyperpigmentation During Summer

UK-based skincare brand shares expert guide to maintaining an even skin tone in summer


July tends to be one of the hottest months of the year, with the 2021 summer heatwave bringing hotter weeks than we’ve seen in recent years! While many of us are enjoying long, lazy days in the parks or on the beaches after being kept indoors for so long in lockdown, it’s important to remember to protect our skin from harsh, direct sunlight to avoid sunburn and pigmentation issues. UK-based skincare brand, DW Aesthetics, offers advice on how to avoid and treat hyperpigmentation.

Wear Sunscreen, Even Indoors

One of the most popular myths is that we can’t get sunburnt indoors. While we might think that there’s no need to wear sunscreen since we aren’t exposed to enough light, the reality is that whether you’re lounging at home or on the beach, sunscreen is essential. Although the UVA rays, which are the longer wave rays, are likely to affect our skin more when we spend extended periods outdoors, they can also reach us even when we are indoors. The effect of this sunlight exposure is that it contributes to premature skin ageing and other conditions, including pigmentation issues.

‘Another important factor that affects our skin even when we are indoors, apart from exposure to sunlight, is the HEV light that is emitted by our device screens. More research is required on the effects of this type of light, but keeping in mind how many hours of screen exposure we accumulate during the week, even compared with sunlight exposure, makes it an important factor to consider. We need to take steps to protect our skin from any and all light exposure.’ – Cynthia Adjei, the Founder of DW Aesthetics. 

Exfoliation isn’t the Solution

Cynthia continues, ‘Even though it may feel natural to scrub and exfoliate the areas of our skin where pigmentation appears, you need to limit the amount of such treatments and combine them with other products. Excessive exfoliation can actually make the problem worse, provoking post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.’

To achieve the best results when treating hyperpigmentation, it’s important to combine different types of products and have a routine that combines mild exfoliation with nourishing, hydrating products designed to even out skin tone. DW Aesthetics has formulated a line of products targeting hyperpigmentation and offering a range of products that work in combination to achieve the best results.


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