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Unveiling the New Hydration Heroes: belif’s Enhanced Aqua Bomb, Moisturizing Bomb, and Eye Bomb Formulas


Dive into a world of unparalleled hydration with the latest innovation from belif. Infusing their renowned moisture-boosting expertise with cutting-edge skincare technology, belif presents their new and improved formulas for the cult-favorite Aqua bomb, Moisturizing bomb, and Moisturizing eye bomb. Each product has been meticulously re-engineered to quench your skin’s thirst like never before, promising an oasis of hydration for even the driest of complexions. Let’s explore the rejuvenated trio that is set to redefine your daily skincare regimen.

belif The true cream- aqua bomb (new formula):

belif’s Aqua bomb is a lightweight, fast-absorbing gel moisturizer that’s formulated with two Napiers formulas to deliver intense and fast hydration to the skin. Now reformulated to include hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, and raising the skin’s moisture by 231.4%, this moisturizer the only one you need to tackle dry skin.

belif The true cream – Moisturizing bomb (new formula):

belif’s Moisturizing bomb is an ultra-cushiony moisturizer with a whipped texture to provide up to 48 hours of moisture to the skin’s barrier. Reformulated with peptide, ceramide and squalane to reinforce the moisture, this moisturizer is an all-in-one answer to dehydrated, dry skin. 

belif Moisturizing eye bomb (new formula):

belif’s Moisturizing eye bomb is a lightweight cream that provides the eye area with a burst of moisture for up to 48 hours, visibly firming the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Reformulated with peptide, ceramide and squalane, this eye cream is now even more effective and is clinically proven to boost the skin’s elasticity. 

As we wrap up our exploration of belif’s refreshed skincare collection, it’s clear that the brand has elevated their hydration game to spectacular heights. With each product’s formula now supercharged with potent hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, alongside skin-barrier fortifying ingredients like peptides, ceramide, and squalane, belif reaffirms their commitment to delivering the moisture your skin craves. Embrace the new era of belif’s hydration powerhouse, and let the true cream – aqua bomb, moisturizing bomb, and moisturizing eye bomb be the guardians of your skin’s vitality and radiance. All are available at Sephora


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